Fun-loving Raz Jester excelled in all sports and courting pretty girls at his small town high school. While he was in school he took boxing lessons from a friend so he could defeat the school bully, Tank Zelder, who was making his life miserable.

Following graduation, Raz gives up chasing pretty girls when he falls in love with and marries the daughter of a rich man who immediately disowns her. Raz is on top of the world with his pretty wife and baby until his wife becomes involved with town’s drug users and becomes an addict. Raz tries desperately to get her away from the drug crowd and off drugs so they can make a good home for their little girl, but he fails.

When his Raz’s wife is murdered, the former high school bully, Tank Zelder, who is now sheriff, refuses to find and arrest the killer because he and the police chief are on the drug cartel’s payroll. So, Raz sets on his own to find the killer and in the process kick the butts of crooked local politicians and lawmen.

He has hopes of being a family man again when he renews his relationship with an old high school flame, but his fight with the drug cartel gets in the way. The cartel kills some of his close friends and it appears he will suffer the same fate when he finally is left with no choice but to offer his life for the return of his kidnapped little girl.

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