There was a time when it was not an embarrassment to be seen sitting on your front porch. Besides being the coolest spot on the place, it was where you spent many lazy hours each year visiting with family, relatives and friends, and calling out cordial greetings to passers-by. It was the place where you discussed the simple things of everyday living, and those things most profound, like the prospects of things being better for everybody the next year and what one must do to qualify for better living in the next life. And if you had a porch swing and a two-gallon ice cream freezer, the dividends of dalliance on your front porch were increased twofold.

If you decided to forget your clock for a while and climb down off your high-horse long enough to talk to a close friend on his front porch, what would you want to talk about? My guess is, you'd want to recall some pleasant things from your past which give you strength now, some things you worry about in today's world, and about how you could make things better if you were in charge. Well, that's what I've tried to do in this book of essays. Some of them are of the tongue-in-cheek, twinkle-in-the eye variety. Some are dead serious. You'll have to decide which is which.

Enjoy this collection of 57 essays from one to 2 pages in length, which poke fun at trendy people and high moguls, and takes a nostalgic look back at how we used to live and what made us what we are today. The stories are just clean fun and apply to everyone, regardless of age, but particularly to your parents, grandparents, and favorite aunts.

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