Reared by his Indian grandmother, Blin “Teepee Peewee” Burge defied family tradition by graduating from high school, and after years of hard work, became a successful businessman in Houston. But when he is compelled to go to work for federal undercover agents to prevent a lock-down of his business, his life takes a perilous turn. And when a federal judge dismisses felony charges against organized crime figures that were based on evidence he gathered, he has to flee. Blin travels to a large forested area bordering the Indian Reservation where his grandmother was born, a place he promised her he would visit one day for her sake. Riding horseback into the big timber, Blin is threatened by solitude, storms, snakes, hybrid wolves, and three small-time drug dealers who steal his supplies. Lost and without food, he must find the reservation or starve. Blin finds the strength to continue fighting upon remembering his grandmother’s early teachings regarding survival of body and spirit. Accompanied by a hybrid wolf witch he suspects represents the spiritual presence of his deceased grandmother, and with the assistance of a pretty woman he finds in the woods, Blin continues his fight to escape the insane step-brother of his new lady friend and survive a gunfight with the gangsters’ gunmen who find him. Trail of the Butterfly is the story of a man who finds that wealth does not bring contentment to a man’s inner self, but by facing death, he discovers the things that are vital to a full life.

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