This book contains a retired man's short commentaries on the tedious, often dumb things he does or has done and the occasional bouts of deep thinking he finds himself in when he's down or trying to figure out how to overcome another personal problem or determine why man in general is always finding himself in some kind of a mess. Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, these observations will make you smile or frown, depending on the subject matter, and perhaps prompt some serious thoughts about man's attempt to tip-toe through the tulips of life doing the best he can with what he's got. If you like to read a retiree's down-to-earth, humble attempts to describe the trials and tribulations of life, you will find this book entertaining and spiritually uplifting.

Can a man learn how to talk to a chicken and figure out a way to survive the annual IRS plague every April without going off the deep end? Are there really some things an old man shouldn’t do I besides chase pretty young women? Life is too full of questions for a man busy trying to get the most out of life between hunting seasons. He seldom has time to figure things out in his favor before he’s stuck with the task of controlling his hall thermostat when company comes and the electric meter begins to spin like a top. Life gets especially tedious around election time when he can’t determine where he’s supposed to vote, let alone decide which donkey to pin the tail on. He concludes that all men need a sanctuary where they can escape from all the hustle and bustle, and he needs spring, the time of beginning again. But even a man troubled by all the push and pull can still find reason to rejoice and discover a purpose in life besides eating, sleeping and stirring up the bed lent now and then. But if he sometimes does find himself in doubt about man’s folly, he tells himself he has to learn how to grin and bear it.

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