“I grew up in rural Texas, living in old farmhouses and struggling to get by with the rest of my family. I never thought I would someday write about those hard years – just like John Steinbeck did - explaining how people lived their lives despite the difficulties, perhaps finding love and a little pleasure along the way so that life would be tolerable.”

— Calvin Bowden

Bowden was born July 5, 1924, in Nacogdoches County, TX. Upon finishing high school and three years of military service, he received B.A. degree with major in sociology, later earning masters in criminal corrections. He worked some 30 years with delinquent and adult criminal offenders.

During the time he worked with juvenile delinquents, adult criminals, law enforcement officials and members of the state and federal judiciary as a probation/parole officer, he learned much about the various levels and types of criminal behavior, including those offenders classified as habitual criminals and criminal psychopaths. He witnessed the strong points and the tragic shortcomings of our state and federal criminal justice systems, along with the growing anti-social and anti-authority trends in our society. Based on real-life experiences, his novels draw attention to those things and to the many faces of evil which good people are struggling to overcome in order to preserve a life of purpose and harmony

As an author, Bowden has completed three novels, all based on his experiences while working with criminal offenders and officials of our system of criminal justice, as well as several other books - all for sale in the bookstore section of this site..

He has been married 57 years and is the father of four children. He has also written a newspaper column for over 10 years for his local newspaper, The Daily Sentinel.

Calvin Bowden

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